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  • Cathy Sweeney

Here We Are

God of Creation,

We watch as the beauty of Your earth 
is devastated and ravaged 
by fire 
and earthquakes
and hurricanes.

We watch in horror as the flames
skip from one town to another,

California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington.

Has less than a year passed
Since our siblings in Australia 
felt the same fears?

The storms raged 
in Iowa, Louisiana, and South Korea.
Have we learned how to help?

Differences in opinion don't mean much now.

People evacuate,
then they wait.

How do we help, from so far away?
Do our prayers reach them?
Are they heard at all?

God, send your grace
to those who are recovering 
to those who are just now seeing
to those who are fleeing
from the rains
from the winds
from the fires.

God, send your Spirit 
to nudge those who will
to pray
to offer hope
to help
to share our resources
and our love
to help rebuild this creation of Yours.

Reseed the forests,
recreate the communities.
Reconcile relationships.
Recondition us all to seek 
    the common good. 
Here we are, Lord. Send us.



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