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Celebrating Life Moments and Getting Involved in Communities

Community is where it all starts. We  live life through community.

Community can be joy-filled, like birthdays, or weddings, or babies, or new houses or pets.

And some aspects of community are more difficult, like when a loved one dies, or when we see our neighbors suffering.

I'd love to be a part of your celebrations of life - the joy-filled and the more difficult times.  

As a community advocate, I listen, learn, and help shine a light where I can.

Retreats, consultations about volunteering, panelist, speaking engagements - all examples of how you can learn more about getting involved in your own community.

Give me a call, send me a text, ask me a question. I'm here to help us all build community, together.

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"Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end."

JoAnne Harris, Chocolat

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