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  • Cathy Sweeney

Where I see God

A friend of mine who lives in Kansas City sent me a song a few years ago when our church sponsored a “Blessing of the Animals” afternoon devotion.  I’ve never forgotten the simple tune, and the simple lesson.

I look down and I see Gromit, our 3 year old dog.  He has brought joy and laughter to our house; He coaxed  our daughter out of her room for those precious few years before she left for school.  He pulls Steve out of the house for walk/runs, to be in our community.   When Steve and I have other tasks requiring attention, Gromit will always spend time with Jack and football, baseball, basketball, or tug.  Gromit is forgiving, and loving, and playful, and happy; He encourages me to be the same.  Sounds a little like my relationship with God, which is the context of this song.  Enjoy, and reflect.  And thank Wendy J Francisco for the lesson, and Dale Morehouse for sharing it with me.


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