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  • Cathy Sweeney

The Future Starts Now

With sincere respect to all the Mac users in my feeds, I’ve eagerly awaited the release of Windows 10 for a few months.  It was released on July 29, and I’m waiting another month or so for those initial kinks to be worked out.  Early indications, however, are positive about the return of an easy “Start” menu and “drag and drop” options.  I am looking forward to a return of efficient workflow.


I often wonder where we’d be without technological advances.  Generationally, the expectations increase over time, and what I am willing to accept as a late year baby boomer will not be acceptable for babies born this year, or preschoolers starting school this month.

That’s probably why I was intrigued with Microsoft’s commercial for Windows 10, titled simply, “The Future Starts Now.”  Watch, if you can, the short clip here:  Yes, the children of today will grow up expecting much more from their technological platforms.

Now, if you’ll indulge me for a moment, I want you to consider that you’ve heard this commercial in a different way.  I want you to hear this commercial telling us about God, and God’s unconditional love and security.  What might we hear? What might we expect?  Here’s the narrative of the commercial, with my edits (noted in red.)

Imagine. These kids won’t have to remember passwords, or obsess about security. Because God’s grace is available to all. For them, the love of God is meant to be experienced. And bible pages are meant to be scribbled on and shared. They’ll expect their God to listen to them, And speak to them, And put a song in their heart, And help them share a meal with someone who needs it. And as they grow and get better at things, their faith will too. They’ll do things for others their parents never dreamed of. Because these kids will grow up with God. The Future Starts Now.  For all of us. Get started today. God’s love.  A more human way to ‘do.’

Here’s the good part.  With God, you don’t have to wait for the upgrade.  Windows 10 might enhance your life; God’s love will transform it.

The future starts now.  Join us at Christ UMC in Plano to help you on your journey.

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