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  • Cathy Sweeney

Stand by Me – Wherever You Are!

A friend of mine from Central America sent this video clip to me.  During this week of US Thanksgiving, I find it especially joyful …

I’ve written in previous posts about the Tower of Babel story in the Book of Genesis.  It’s appropriate here, as well.  The first verse (Gen 11:1) shares the origin of language : “Now the whole world had one language and a common speech.”  It was not until the people started to build the tower, to keep themselves close in proximity to each other, so no one would wander away – that’s when the story shares that God created other languages and spread people across the earth.

Above all, we were created with one language – a language of love.  Watch this video, listen to the song, and realize that wherever we live, whatever our color, or our spoken language – we all move to the same rhythm, as God intended.  (Make sure you get to at least the one minute mark)

Have a peaceful week, everyone; and in all things, Love.


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