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  • Cathy Sweeney

Review: “More: God Has Everything Waiting for You.”

I had just finished reading the book, “Move,” on which the premise of this book was based. ‘Move’ is a data driven book that analyzes the results of over 1,000 church responses to faith practices and individual closeness to Christ. It is most helpful to church staff (to implement). Hawkins helped analyze the results of the survey.

I was expecting the same from “More.” I was wrong.


More is the personal account of Hawkins’ embrace of the “Move” survey results. That means that this book is almost autobiographical in nature, and he does use a lot of personal witness to underline his points.

The writing is narrative, the summaries for practices are good. And, I suspect that Hawkins’ target audience are those who are ‘stuck’ in their faith. What next? Why isn’t this all working? Should I just give up?

Hawkins provides a credible argument (and backs it up) that our life with God is at its best when we agree to die ourselves for God, and when when we incorporate God into every aspect of our lives. How does one do that? How to we die, and still live (even better than before)? That’s for Hawkins to answer in his book; he gives practical advice for Christians who might be struggling to give up control.

Everyone will not enjoy this book; as I mentioned before, those who are ‘stuck’ in their faith might benefit from Hawkins’ suggestions most. But I’ll also point out that, as Christians, we are not called to only move our own faith, but also to make disciples of others. As a result, if you, personally are not stuck, consider reading from the perspective of one who is. With that in mind, you might learn how to help others get ‘unstuck’ in their search for more meaning in their relationship with God.


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