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Meet Cathy


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I am a United Methodist Deacon appointed to Arapaho United Methodist Church in Richardson, Texas. We are an active and missional church; we welcome all. My role is in helping others grow deeper in their relationship with God, and with each other, in a variety of ways: biblical, missional, spiritual, social, and cultural.


Prior to full time ministry, my life was surrounded by real estate leasing, development, and commercial and multifamily property management.  By day, I focused on vertical communities:  office buildings, retail stores, apartments.  Sometimes I still blog about that. I am grateful for the 25 years spent in that industry and am so much the wiser because of it.

I have moved on from that world; but I still focus on building community.  Building community will always be a part of my ministry.

In my graduate studies at Perkins School of Theology at SMU, I focused on Theology and Culture.  I am passionate about ministry with the poor and homeless; my thesis at Perkins analyzed the Intersection of Faith and Real Estate. You’ll find many postings about topics of justice, equity, and equality. In 2020, I earned certification as a grant writer to help small nonprofits in their fundraising efforts.

I love to lead discussions that bring people together, and I do that by teaching, in speaking engagements, on panel discussions, and as a retreat facilitator.  I love to help individuals celebrate life events: officiating weddings, sharing in the liminal space that surrounds the end of life, blessings of new homes or animals.

Wife to Steve, mother to Shannon and Jack. Avid reader, casual cycler, and faithful Longhorn.

My musings about where we find God in this world has everything to do with you and me, and how we relate to each other. I am glad you are here.

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